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Monday, August 28, 2006
television vs. movies...

   It's been a long time, shouldn't have left you without a dope beat to step to....  ok, I'll stop.


I decided I would start back up my blog, we'll see how it goes.  Though I won't be talking about my personal life all that much.  I want to use this more as a sounding board for my ideas and what not.

Today's topic is...  Why television is kicking the living crap out of movies!

I was watching the emmys for a little while last night and I start thinking quite a bit about how *bleeping* good tv has become.  It is everything that movies are not and then some.

While the box office continues to show small returns on even the biggest blockbuster films, tv has put quality programs out for the past three years or so.  We now have Desperate Housewives, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, 24 to name a few of the best serials out right now.  And I got to thinking why is there this shift?

I thinking the answer comes in two ways.  1) tv can do what movies can't in terms of long form storytelling and 2) tv is pretty danggum original now whereas movies continue to suffer from this.

In terms of the longterm story, you have great epic story telling that is just not even possible in the theater.  24 is not do-able in the theaters, Lost is not do-able, but they have the same quality of production and acting as the next hollywood blockbuster.  I for one am a lover of the long story-arc.  I love the X-Files alien story, Lost keeps me glued each week.  And now with shows like Heroes starting in a few weeks, I am sure I'll be that much more tuned in.  There's just something a bout a story that gets more complex, more intricate as it goes, all the while maintaining a strong episode to episode form.  I really want to get into 24 but because of the long form story-telling I am going to have to get the dvd sets.  Which is sooo nice.  I'd much rather dish out forty bucks for an entire season of a great show than spend 20 on a two hour movie.

Now as for originality, this is where I really feel like tv has the upper hand.  I mean come on look at the garbage that's been hitting theaters the last few years.  How many sequels do we need, how many comic books to film moves, or books or blah blah blah.  I love a good adaptation like the next person, but for goodness sakes can't a studio get behind a great original idea and push it like the next blockbuster for a change.  I mean for all of the division over M. Night Shyamalan, the man at least has an original script and believes in the importance of that originality.  It just makes me sad, and as much as I thought this was a recent trend, I am forced to realize that its not.  Even Hitchcock whomI love, nearly everything he did was based on a book or a play.  It's just mind numbing.  It's like why even try to be orginal in hollywood?  But TV there's another story.  Lost is by far my favorite series and its because there's nothing I can compare it to.  It's just so orginal and well done. From what I've seen of 24 it makes the Bourne movies look like crap (another book adaptation).  And I'm  pretty hopeful that Heroes will make superhero movies look shameful.  We shall see.

Well there's tons more I could say, but shant.  Other than come on Hollywood, get a clue!!!!!

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Baby sleep, gently sleep
Life is long and love is deep
Time will be sweet for thee
All the world to see

Time to look up and know
How the shadows come and go
How the breeze
Stirs the trees
How the blossoms grow

Some may be able to guess where this comes from.  I just felt like sharing them.

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Monday, April 04, 2005
Thoughts on the Passing of the Pope

It was difficult to keep myself composed Sunday morning as I tried to lead worship.  The passing of the Pope affected me in a way that I didn't expect.  Though I am not a Catholic I do understand and believe that the world is less one great leader and heaven is plus one more saint.  Working in the news now has opened my eyes to just how great of a man he was.  He suffered tremendously in Poland during the Nazi occupation of World War II and did more to reconcile the Catholic church, as well as all Christian churches, to the Jewish people for our neverending persecution against them for the death of Christ.   He fought communism during the early years of his papacy and after an unsuccessfull attempt on his life he met with his would be assassin to forgive him and pray with him, something scarcly any of us would do.  He brought the Aids crisis to the world in a way that had seldom been done by embracing those afflicted with the virus and letting them know God did love them, in a time when they were scorned for their ailment when they should have been loved on and cared for by those who should be the first to do so, namely Christians.  He was the most traveled Pope in history and brought the Catholic faith to places it had never been before and assembled the largest gathering of people in the history of the world when 7 million people came out to see him.  He was a Pope to the younger generations of believers and attracted them almost more than he did the elder.  In a particular scene I saw, a group of teenagers were shouting "we love you, we love you!!" to him and simply stopped them and said, "perhaps I love you more."  When asked why younger kids responded to him when they wouldn't to others, he responded "It is the Holy Spirit."  That's how he lived his life, constantly aware of our world and the spiritual at once.  And in a world and a history in which there are so many evil and deceptive leaders, indeed corrupt pope's, John Paul the Second is a blessing to have had and we are a blessed world to have had him. 

Perhaps the single moment in his ministry that has impacted me the most is seeing him stand before the Wailing Wall and in his degenerated health place a prayer for forgiveness for centuries of Christian persecution against the Jewish people and seeing them embrace him in forgiveness as well.  That moment is seared into my mind. 

You know it is moments like this when I realize that, yes, there are things I do not agree with in the Catholic faith.  Heck there are things I do not agree with in the Baptist faith or any denomination in the pantheon of Christian thought, but I realize that all of that doesn't matter.  Paul wrote that it is foolish for us to argue over which human person we follow, because we all follow Christ.  And if my life can make a single millimeter of the difference that his made, I would have lived far more than I have and been far more than I am.

God rest your servant.

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Friday, April 01, 2005
Things have been crazy...

I feel so overextended right now with everything that's going on in my life.  This week I've been struggling to finish paintings for art shows and assignments and going to work and school and everything in between, it's just been exhausting.  I keep thinking I'll get caught up and be able to relax, but then I finish one project to discover another. I have a commissioned painting that's been on the burner now for about two months and I've been working on it every chance I get, but those times to work are rare right now.  Thankfully the clients as they are understand the enormity of my work load right now and they've been cool with the wait.  I want to finish soon and hand them a great painting so I can recieve more work from them. 

On top of all of that work I have to do my taxes still and call the po po office because they're saying they never got my citation back and now they are threatening to suspend my license in two weeks, so I gotta call them.  They never make life easy you know?  It was supposed to be a simple thing, but noooo.  Anyways.

What's been the biggest struggle has been setting time aside each day to study GOd's work and just talk to HIm in prayer.  Pray for me everyone out there that I'll make it a larger priority each day and that the Lord will give me the energy to wake up early and study His word and all. 

Well, now, its back to the taxes and a nap. Work beckons at one in the morning.

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Shyamalan Takes "Water" to Warner Bros.

"Water" centers on the superintendent of an apartment building who finds a rare type of sea nymph swimming in the apartment pool.

Shyamalan has written and directed a series of blockbusters -- "The Sixth Sense," 'Unbreakable" and "Signs" -- for the Walt Disney Co. He had a two-picture, first-look deal with the studio, and his most recent feature, "The Village," was made under that deal. Disney and Shyamalan discussed "Lady," but the two decided mutually to part ways on the project.

"We have a terrific relationship with Night, and although we didn't agree creatively on this particular project, we look forward to working with him in the future," a company rep said.

Warners also would like to see the filmmaker remain in its fold in the future.

"I hope that it is the first of many outstanding films that Night makes at our studio," Warner Bros. president Alan Horn said in a statement.

Said Shyamalan: "Since we met a few years ago, Alan and Jeff (Robinov, Warners' president of production) have gone out of their way to offer me the best on their studio slates time after time. I felt their personal connection to my movies. 'Lady in the Water' is a personal movie with a big idea, and it seems just perfect for Warner Bros. I'm thrilled they responded to the story, and we all can't wait to get started."

The film will be shot in Philadelphia, where Shyamalan has made all his movies. Casting is under way, and production is set to begin in August for a July 21, 2006, release.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

03/24/05 01:54 ET

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Thursday, February 17, 2005
In the spirit of Robert I present, Being a Painter Rules...

I felt like sharing all of the amazing stuff at school I've been going through and all.  I've been feeling since the beginning of this semester this desperation kinda to really work hard because I know school is coming to an end for me for the time being and I want to learn as much as possible while I'm there.  So, I decided I would show a typical week in the life of young painter, Michael Regina.

Sunday, I went painting down in St. Augustine.  It was really nice, I really wanted to push myself to get out doors and hammer out a quick two hour painting of the fort, the intercoastal and the bridge of lions.  The painting came out quite fantastic.  I hope to get it in an upcoming art show.. While painting, a lady stops and talks to me about possibly selling my work out of her gallery/store and inquires about commissioned portraits.  I give her my card and make prayers/plans to talk to her soon.

Monday, I strecth canvas all day, which is a really laborous chore and quite smelly because the canvas sealer I use is really dense.  I get a light headache (something that really is annoying about painting, all of the smells).  I end up stretching five canvases, taking about three hours total to do.  That night I go to 3d animation and work on my totally pimp digital fruitbowl.  Afterwards I finish a small study portrait of Chris Dickinson.  I write up my resume for the following day.

Tuesday, I end up toting some thirty paintngs of mine up to school to reviewed and critiqued for being photographed for my portfolio class.  A group of my painting of bottles/still lifes are really well received and my teacher talks to me about doing a showing of just them in a new gallery possibly opening on campus.  I think, "SWEET!"  We do abstract paintings in my morning class and while I can't really stand it, I make the best of it and enjoy it quite a bit.  Afterwards, I spend about an hour or so painting a small portrait of Danny.  That evening I do an two hour study of a woman in portrait studio.  Later I go to sleep reading a book of the GREAT painter John Singer Sargent.

Weds, Wake up early and do a four hour painting of my friend Rodney.  It comes out beautiful and its definately one to be put in an upcoming show.  Rodney and I discuss a portrait commission he wants me to do of our friend Young.  I am still hoping and praying for it.  I remember I have to do a series of study paintings for a commission I received last week.  That night I finish a totally cool 3d movie of UFOS flying around the name Mssr. Elegante, or Strong Bad :-).  Afterwards there was an amazing lecture on paints in another classroom.  It was such a great lecture, I feel like I have such whole new way of seeing paints now.  At the end of the lecture he gave us all Water Soluble Oil Paints, ahhhhh a treat to remembered.

Thats it for now really.  Tomorrow, or Thursday, is the opening of Senior Art Show at the UNF gallery and a portrait of Robert Krahn is going up, so thats where I'll be for the majority of my evening.  The daytime however, will resemble much of last Tueday, with maybe a study painting of a Sargent painting and another landscape painting lined up for later.  So we shall see, Lord willing.

Man I really love it all though.  It feels like for the first time in my life, I am doing something that I so enjoy.  And all the while, I feel like I am praising God through it.  I love seeing the beauty of God's world and His people through paint and canvas, or even just penil and paper.  I am so thankful God made me an artist.  But tis exhausting. Its not all fun and games, but a discipline and a craft that requires our most focused attention.

I am so glad the Lord made me an artist.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
Have You Ever Noticed...

How sometimes you'll get all upset with something you're working on for school or something and then you'll talk about it with your teacher and they give a simple suggestion that make the world of difference? It's strange, and today I was going through that with the portrait series I have been working on and I got with my teacher about it and after a simple suggetion, I am all excited again. I guess sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. Anyways, I just wanted to vent about how sometimes the things you get most upset about have simple solutions. OUT.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
I'm tired

Well, school has started back and I am officially worn out.  I have basically spent the last 24hrs doing nothing but painting, permitting only short breaks to eat, or do research.  I am really excited, but one can't blame a guy for being exhausted.  I am working on a series of portraits of musician friends from church (most of which read my blog, so thank you).  It has been so much fun.  I am really enjoying it.  I was kinda bummed today though, cause I really thought I was almost done with my portrait of Robert, and then I showed it to my professor and he just pointed stuff out left and right that needed to be altered and after thinking through it, I know he's right.  Everything he pointed out was stuff I had been wondering about, but I guess I just was hoping I wouldn't have to mess with, but thats part of the learning process.  I'm learning to trust my artist instinct as it were (yes there is such a thing). And I really want these to be great.  But I'm hoping to enter a few of these portraits into upcoming competitions and get them around to some galleries.  So I will let you all know when they'll be on display.  Here's the roster so far on the series: Robert, Danny B, Chris D, Ryan V, Lauren, Breana, and hopefully David Alcoholic Beverage (gotta ask him still) and one more possibly.  So pray for me that these come out well.  They take lots and lots of time and are really a passion of mine.  Robert's I've spent close to 20 hours on so far and I still have possibly another ten ahead of me.

On a more relaxing note, I got a date this thursday night and I'm excited about it!  :-)

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Saturday, January 01, 2005
Musings on a year's past

I wanted to share a bit about my previous year and just recollect on it for a few minutes.  I have to say that this past year has been the most eventful year in all of my life in so many ways... 

I have seen so many oppurtunities come to fruitation in my life.  I have been the media director for FBC's middle school camp this past year.  Finished my first true short film.  Completed my first screenplay, and begun work on others ( I still say others because I haven't had much time to write as of late and I've been busy on some other projects).  I sold my very first portrait commission and begun work on my first comic book/graphic novel since I was in middle school.   As well as countless other accomlishments. So, to say I've had a productive year would be an accurate classification in my book.

It has also known sadness, as my grandfather passed this year and the hole of the pain I experienced at his passing was something I never expected I would feel.  He was great man and so much of who he was has shaped who I have become, in good ways.

But I have to say, honestly that the most meaningful and important thing that happened to me this past year was falling in love and proposing to Viviane.  She is the love of my life and our relationship has taught me so much about godliness and true love.  God has shown me how relationships grow in the good times and the bad.  He's given me everything I've ever asked for in a soul mate and so much more.  She's always on my mind and prayers the first moments of each new day.  She's at the heart of almost every prayer and the person I want the most to make happy in this world.  She's my encouragement when I'm upset and my biggest fan.  She's the first to want to read a script of mine and the inpsiration for so much of each story.  She's the person I come to when i feel discouraged and the face that I long to see a smile on.  The person I worry more about's well being and the person who has made me a happier more content person.  She's who has and continues to teach me that loving another is to put someone else before my own needs and what being a servant leader in a relationship is all about.  She makes me believe in who I am and sees past my faults to all of the strength that God has given me.  Though I have spent twenty one years of my life waiting on her, I have done most of my growing up in the brief fifteen months I have been with her.  She makes me feel like a man, and I feel truly loved.  I realize so much now how much I never knew then and long for all that I have yet to know about life and love and being a man of God.  So if I was able to shout from the rooftops my love, let it be here for all to see and know, that as long as I draw breathe I love you Viviane and I always will.  In the good times and the bad.  And may the Lord always be the center of everything we do and trust to in our relationship.  

This coming year will present with it many new challenges and accomplishments.  This year my mother, my sister and myself will all be getting married.  I will graduate this summer and start my career and moving out all in a very short period of time.  I hope and pray that I will be even more productive this year, for I believe a productive and fruitful life is acceptable in the eyes of the Lord. 

I hope everyone else has had a great year and to those who have not, remember nothing is outside of the Lord's control, and while we may never understand something that has happened, trusting in a soveriegn God means nothing is hopeless.  As Dumbledore says in the Prisoner of Azkaban 'hope can be found in the darkest of places, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

Happy New Year!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004
G. K. Chesterton's great letter

G. K. Chesterton was once asked to write a letter for a article being written on what's wrong with the world...  This is his letter.

"Dear Times: I am. Yours truly, G.K. Chesterton."

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